Exploring the glorious history of online poker games

From the past few decades, one can see that online poker has now become a global phenomenon. In the last 5 years, the trend of online poker has exploded. There are hundreds of poker players who are joining the world of online poker daily. Different types of online poker games are ruling the gaming industry, especially among the millennials.
We all have witnessed how successful a person can become after trying online poker. Online poker has a beautiful history and a journey to remember and cherish. Let’s encounter some of the bits of this magnification journey.
Birth: Online poker
In the year 1998, Planet Poker is responsible for Internet online poker. It is the first real poker that deals with real money. There are many founders of this online gambling website. In the year 1997, the beta testing started and within a few years, online earning websites got a lot of new customers. In the year 1998, the Texas Hold’em game has its name in the list of first real transaction.
Planet poker grew rapidly within a few months. Planet poker was the solo online poker website. Then came the Paradise Poker with several popular games. Till 2000, Paradise Poker dominated the world of online poker.
Exploding popularity
Online poker has gained a lot of popularity after a few years of its birth. The online popularity faced exploding popularity after the introduction of several multi tables and large tournaments. Several websites were capitalized and launched the trend of tournaments.
Online poker did not have a few players and had millions of players who were sitting on the multi tables. Actually, people were getting a lot of money from online poker hence, others too slowly made their way into the online poker.
More sites an into the market that came up with new games and tournaments. As online poker games are very authentic so getting loyal customers was not a tough task anymore.
Virtual poker and IRC
In the early 90s, virtual poker provided reality. During that time, Internet Relay Chat used to play poker. In the beginning, people were way too much into online poker. The games were quite slow and the technology that was implemented was primitive. But, if you are comparing it with today’s poker software then it has definitely improved in terms of program results and other factors.
At present, we can see a huge improvement in the graphics, quality and the quantity of the player and above all, IRC poker always used virtual money. They allowed novice players to learn and gain experience without investing any real money. There are several websites that will help you to play poker for free.
Online poker is all about fun
During the early days, paradise poker used to have impressive graphics and provided the player with an easy to use interface. In the history of online poker, the years of the 2000s were fun years. Among the players, we can encounter healthy competition.
The turning point of online poker
In the year 2003, there were several poker websites that started offering satellite tournaments. Subsequently, they were designed for the players in order to earn money. A tournament like the World Series of Poker event took place with a winning valuation of $10,000. Only 37 players were able to enter the main event and among them, there was one contestant who was lucky to win the tournament. This time was the main turning point of online poker.
Although poker has been played by people for more than 200 years, the online version is definitely the recent phenomena. Online poker has reached an entire news zenith and changed the way traditional poker used to operate. In the year 1998, the first online poker room came into existence.
, a lot of players love to play the virtual table because of the moneymaker effect. There are several countries where online poker is legal and they provide proper regulation and licensing.
In conclusion, it is true that online poker has gone through a lot of evolution but the fun remains the same. However, Online poker is not just about the money that you are going to win but is also about the engaging experience that you are about to experience.
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